Helping a Feathered Friend

One of the nice things about bird watching and being bird lovers is he occasional chance you get to help out one of our little feathered friends. Yesterday, what started off a nasty shock, was one of those times.

One of our girls was walking across to the Lodge at Hilltop when she noticed, on the floor, a little bird. This little bird, a Dunnock, looked as though he had flown into a window - the nasty shock - but fortunately had only been stunned.

For the next half an hour we then took turns in nursing the poor little thing until we sat him on one of our tray feeders to see if he would fly off. Unfortunately, he didn't; just sitting there looking a little perplexed and as though he had lost his confidence, so I picked him up again, holding him up on the palm of my hand outside seeing if he would take off from there. But no. Again he didn't. And despite me trying to move him about my hand, hoping this would encourage him to want to take refuge in a nearby tree, instead he seemed to be clinging on to my finger.

Now, as much as the next person, I like the idea of this poor little creature feeling as though it is safer on my hand than out there where he belongs but I really felt like that's where he needed to be, albeit with a little encouragement so this time I held him out at arms length and gently moved him up and down, hoping to catch some air under his wing feathers.

It did occur to me, at this point, that perhaps his wings had been damaged, in which case I would have called the RSPB but I was delighted to see my little plan worked; some air caught under his wings and after about four or five goes he flapped them and took off.

I do hope the little fella is alright!

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